Our family-run company strives to ensure the long-term development of its Camps brand while respecting its identity, heritage and savoir-faire.

Our model is based on a long-term vision: our health is inseparable from that of our environment. Our mission is to bring new outdoor cooking methods in favor of the health of our customers and of the planet. To do this, we value our heritage and stimulate creativity and excellence, driving force for the success of our company and the guarantyr  of its future.  

Coffee Maker


Camps creates exceptional products that embody unique savoir-faire and a preserved heritage anchored in modernity. It is through them that she is the ambassador of a distinctively refined art of living.


Camps preserves a family spirit which exclusively favors a long-term vision. This spirit serves to ensure the development of our House while respecting its identity and its autonomy, by making available all the resources necessary for the creation, manufacture and selective distribution of our products and services.


Our four fundamental values are our levers of excellence, the pillars of our performance and our sustainability.



At Camps, we believe that there is no solution to deal with health and that we are all concerned by our diets and their impact on the environment. To do this, we favor the use of green technologies and actively participate in health and environmental protection program to preserve life. It is in this virtuous quest that we cultivate our commitment.


Creativity and innovation are in our DNA. The foundation of our company, this creativity-innovation tandem is at the heart of a fragile equation: renewing our offer and being resolutely turned towards the future, while respecting our identity.


Within Camps, no compromise is possible on quality. Because we embody the world of craftsmanship in its greatest nobility, we pay particular attention to details and finishes: from product to delivery, it is in this quest for excellence that we cultivate our difference.


Agile, our organization promotes efficiency and responsiveness. It stimulates individual initiatives by entrusting important responsibilities to each. Our entrepreneurial spirit facilitates risk taking and promotes perseverance; it requires a pragmatic spirit and an ability to mobilize teams by sterring them towards ambitious goals.



From its creation, Camps wanted to make sustainable development one of its strategic axes.

  • As the custodian of craftsmanship and an industrial know-how, Camps has always paid careful attention to the preservation and development of this heritage

  • All our products are designed and manufactured entirely in France

  • We reserve 10% of our results to environmental protection programs

Designers, welders, folders, creatives ...​

Our employees work in more than 10 different professions in the field of creation and craftsmanship. A heritage that Camps strives to promote and develop. Ensuring the transmission of these unique skills is a fundamental issue for Camps. Craftsmanship is not one that is acquired quickly but requires many years of experience ...